Vegetable Importer in Dubai: Top Tips to Keep Your Vegetables Fresh

Every year, Dubai imports tons of vegetables, fruits, and fresh produce into the city to either sell them to local retailers or export them to other nations. When you think about all the trouble and resources that are pushed into the import and export trade just so that we can have fresh vegetables and food on our supermarkets, wouldn’t you want to be as careful and considerate as you can be and really try to make your fresh vegetables last longer in your fridge? In case you have been wondering how you can keep your veggies fresh after you buy them from the grocery, here our some top tips from well-established vegetable importer in Dubai:

vegetable-mixMind Your Storage

There are many fruits and vegetables that produce what is called ethylene, which is a gas that can cause fruits and vegetables to ripen immediately. Some of these items include bananas, avocados, mangoes, pears, tomatoes, cantaloupes, kiwis, plums, and nectarines. So in order to prevent the premature ripening of your produce, you have to mind where you store these items. It’s better not to store the fruits and veggies listed above together with apples, broccoli, carrots, watermelon, and leafy greens as to not let them affect the freshness of these foods.


Use a Salad Spinner for Your Leafy Greens

Taking care of your leafy greens is crucial if you want to be able to eat fresh salad every day. After buying your lettuce or other veggies from the grocery, make sure you wash them thoroughly and then use a salad spinner to dry off the excess water. Using a salad spinner helps your leafy greens stay fresh longer because they remain dry. If these leaves have a lot of water when you store them, they will wilt faster and you will end up eating soggy, limp, and bitter lettuce!

When storing your vegetable such as lettuce, cabbage, and other leafy greens, you should also have a dry plastic container or a clean plastic bag or ziplock bag that you can tightly seal with a bit of air inside the bag. This will ensure that your veggies are not pressed against each other and that they can remain fresh inside the bag.


Prepare Your Veggies in Advance

One reason that people waste so much on veggies and fruits is because they forget to eat them. So in order to keep your vegetables and fruits fresh, you also have to consume them regularly. This will not only help you save money because you are actually eating what’s inside your fridge, but also make you healthier and do good to your body!

So in order to do this, once you come home from the market, make sure you start cleaning your leafy greens, slicing those carrots, and washing other vegetables and fruits you want to eat during the week. Preparing your food in advance and storing them in clear, plastic containers will encourage you to eat them every meal and therefore make it realistic for you to also consume fresh food every time!