Types of Engine Oil

If you love your car, then one good way to show it is to get the best quality engine oil to keep it in tip-top shape and optimal performance. Don’t just buy any oil or lubricant you see on the shelf. Check the user manual for your car and find out what is the recommended oil by the manufacturer or ask your trusted mechanic about what engine oil is best suited to your car’s condition.


Depending on your vehicle and factors like age of the engine and environmental temperature, there are different types of engine oil you can get on the market today. Let us look at these products and see what are the differences between them.


Synthetic Engine oil

Synthetic engine oil is a high-quality oil created by oil engineers or oil refineries ins very controlled laboratories and with very precise ingredients. Scientists and chemists work on different types or combination for their synthetic oils and these are mostly used for high-performance vehicles or luxury cars. They can also be used for very sophisticated machines for manufacturing or even space travel or aircrafts.

Synthetic oils give great protection for engines and high lubrication properties that make it easy for the engine to have a smooth startup and enhanced performance during operation. It is also good for its cleansing qualities and high temperature limits giving more protection to the engine parts when the environmental conditions or temperatures are also rising.


Synthetic blend motor oils

Synthetic blend motor oils are a mixture of synthetic oils and another base oil, usually a mineral oil. They are mixed to achieve added resistance to oxidation and to increase the oil’s tolerance to low temperature environments. These are usually recommended for trucks, pick-ups, or vans or SUVs that usually have to carry a heavy cargo or tow other vehicles like trailers or smaller cars. This type of oil is also good at keeping engines protected from residue and rusting and work excellently with high RPM vehicles.


High-mileage Engine Oil

High-mileage engine oil is also a special blended oil that is usually recommended for old vehicles or those that already have a high number on their odometer. As a guide, most producers of this oil would suggest its usage once your vehicle has reached a mileage of 75,000 miles or that’s 120,000 kilometers.

There are some cases though that even old cars or high-mileage cars would benefit from the use of the synthetic engine oil but if you want to be really sure to give the best protection for your engine, you should opt for a high-mileage oil that also has additives and good viscosity in order to help reduce oil burn-off on engines. High-mileage oils will also help enhance the overall performance of your vehicle by helping seal oil leaks and improve the combustion chamber and restore engine compression.


 Conventional motor oil

This product is the very standard engine oil that is created from mineral oil. It can have different viscosity ratings and is already good for newer cars or cars that just have a low mileage on the odometer. You can use this oil if you are the type that doesn’t use for car so often and just want an inexpensive engine oil to maintain lubrication for the engine.


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