Types of Adhesives

There is an overwhelming variety of adhesives you can buy from different adhesive manufacturers and sometimes it can really become confusing because you don’t know which product is the right one for your application needs. Some of the more known brands like Beardow Adams adhesives are of course more readily in supply than other smaller brands.

However, in order to make the choice simple, we can classify adhesives into their chemical makeup. The strongest types of adhesives solidify with a chemical reaction, while weaker adhesives bond through physical change. Below, we’ll tackle these adhesives based on their chemical types.


Anaerobic adhesives cure when in contact with metal, and the air is barred, e.g. at the point when a jolt is home in a string. They are frequently known as “locking mixes”, being utilized to secure, seal and hold turned, strung, or correspondingly tight parts. They depend on manufactured acrylic gums.

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Epoxy adhesives comprise of an epoxy tar in addition to a hardener. They permit extraordinary flexibility in plan subsequent to there are numerous gums and various hardeners. Epoxy cements can be utilized to join generally materials. These materials have great quality, don’t create volatiles amid curing, and have low shrinkage. Notwithstanding, epoxies can have low peel quality and adaptability and can be fragile. Epoxy glues are accessible in one section, two section and film shape and create to a great degree solid sturdy bonds with generally materials.



Silicones are not extremely solid glues, but rather are known for their adaptability and high temperature resistance. They are accessible in single or two section frames. The last capacity like the two section epoxies, the previous like the single part polyurethanes. At the point when the single part cements cure they free either liquor or acidic corrosive (the natural scent of vinegar). They are frequently utilized as shower and shower sealants. Their attachment to surfaces is not out of the question however like their adaptability, their sturdiness is astounding. The two section forms require a solidifying specialist to be blended into the sap. Two structures are accessible, those which free corrosive on curing and those that don’t. As may be foreseen the two section glue frameworks give a superior cure in thick segments than do the single part sorts.


Weight Sensitive Adhesives

Weight delicate cements are suited for use as tapes and marks and in spite of the fact that they don’t cement they are frequently ready to withstand unfavorable situations. This sort of cement is not appropriate for managed loadings.


Toughened Acrylics

Toughened acrylics are quick curing and offer high quality and sturdiness. Both one and two section frameworks are accessible. In two section frameworks, no blending is required in light of the fact that the cement is connected to one substrate, the activator to the second substrate, and the substrates joined. They endure negligible surface readiness and bond well to an extensive variety of materials.