Popular Magazines in UAE

Magazines will always be a part of our daily reading whether we are using it for entertainment, news, information gathering or to simply scan through the pages and get an idea what’s happening in the world, or our neighborhood. People today may prefer reading magazines online, but there are still those that buy them from the news stands or buy a monthly or yearly subscription for their favorite magazines.

When it comes to popular magazines in UAE, we have compiled some of the general kinds of magazines that have a wide readership and what you can expect from these magazines.

First, there are the business or entrepreneur magazines. Of course this comes as no surprise because the UAE is one of the most prosperous countries in the region and it has become a hub not just for local business but also for foreign companies that would like to expand in the Middle East. Many people subscribe to both online and printed forms of business magazines in order to get the latest economy or business news, read inspiring or controversial articles about major players in their industry, and get information about different suppliers. Some also use this type of magazine as a way to get ideas for their business start up or know more strategies or techniques in order to push their company or business forward.

Second, there are also many residents in UAE that enjoy reading fashion and lifestyle magazines. These magazines are very popular because both men and women love to know what are the latest fashion trends, where to get stylish clothes for their work or corporate event or special occasion, and of course find out some useful tips on how to improve one’s style or way of dressing.

Fashion and lifestyle magazines in UAE are also a good source for the latest news and offers on cosmetics, beauty products, and other accessories to complement your fashion and beauty needs. Again, there are tips for both male and female readers and you can surely find relevant tips on how to mix and match your clothing and accessories.

Third, a lot of UAE magazine readers also have subscriptions for home and real estate magazines. That’s because who doesn’t enjoy beautifying their abodes and knowing which areas in their cities have the best and luxurious residential homes and condominiums?

People also follow the stories and news on home decorating and the real estate market because they would like to know if they are actually earning from the value of their own home. You can also use this type of magazine if you would like to know what are some of the new residential developments in the different cities of the United Arab Emirates and which one can be a very good real estate investment for you.

There are just some of the popular magazines both online and printed ones that many people in the UEA are reading. It’s good to know that even with the huge amount of resources we have today, magazines are still very much a part of our daily lives and is actually here to stay.


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