Physiotherapy 101: What You Need to Know

If you enjoy helping people, making a difference, and if you have the inclination and aptitude for the medical profession, you can actually choose from a lot of different specializations where you can exercise all these things. One very sought after field today is physiotherapy. Dubai physiotherapy clinics have popped up in different areas in the city and continue to thrive because of the good reviews and experiences of patients undergoing different treatment programs at these clinics.


Let’s find out more about this specialization and see if you can be a good fit for this profession.

What is Physiotherapy?

If you are tired of heavy drug treatments done in traditional medicine for relieving pain and treating physical injuries, you will be happy to know about physiotherapy. This holistic approach to treating physical injuries and rehabilitating different parts of the body uses no heavy prescription drugs and no surgical procedures. It’s all about manual manipulation of joints, a mix of different targeted exercises, and a good diet and nutrition plan for the patient.

Aside from physical therapists giving guidance and assistance in the different exercise and physical fitness procedures, physiotherapy also involves a lot of hours educating the patient and his or her family members on how to properly do exercises and how they can contribute to speeding up the patient’s recovery. If the family members or friends of the patient also know how to give simple exercises, physical care, and help the patient watch or stick to their diet and nutrition plan, the patient will of course have an easier time recovering from his or her injuries or condition and have more motivation to continue with their therapy sessions.


How Do you Become a Physiotherapist?

If you think the field of physical therapy is for you and you would like to give it a shot, then the first step you should do is to look for physiotherapy courses offered by approved or accredited schools in your area. Be sure to check if the school if approved by your local health authorities and that they have been conducting physiotherapy courses for several years.

After you finish your basic or general physiotherapy course, you can actually choose a few more areas where you can focus on and make that your specialization as a physical therapist. For example, if you would like to really help professional athletes or treat injuries of sports lovers and enthusiasts, then you can focus on Sports medicine after your general subjects. You can also choose to specialize on treating younger patients or older patients by specializing in child physiotherapy or elderly care and therapy.



When it comes to consulting with a physical therapist, make sure he or she has several days on their schedule before deciding if you will continue with your treatment with them. Ultimately, finding the right physical therapist may take a longer time than what you expect. That’s because there is a factor of searching for the right therapist for your condition and of course trying to get the schedules of your therapist with yours.