Let’s Take A Look At The Leading Diet Plans That Are The Most Effective

When it comes to choosing a diet plan, it can be as difficult as sticking with the one you choose. There are thousands of diets and they all contradict each other, so how do you know which one is right? The following are some of the advantages and disadvantages of some well known diets to help you find the right one.

One of many diets that focuses on the calories that you eat is the 1500 Calorie Diet which seems to have worked for many others The best thing about this particular program is that it does not limit you in regard to what you eat as long as you stay within the recommended range of calories each day. At the same time, you have to make sure you’re getting enough protein, and even some fat; the recommended formula is usually 40% protein, 30% carbs and 30% fat. This is a simple diet where you have to be careful to count you calories with every meal and snack. If you’re going to try a calorie based diet, just make sure you don’t choose one that’s too extreme for your body’s nutritional needs.

There are some who believe that a diet of only raw foods is the best way to lose weight and is the healthiest way to eat. With this diet, you eat no cooked foods, as the name suggests. You can choose from a wide variety of vegetables, fruits, nuts, seeds, legumes and grains. This is admittedly a rather extreme diet, as it has you avoiding just about all modern processed foods, and not everyone is willing to even try this. However, many people have found that they feel better, have lost weight and have more energy on a raw foods diet as displayed in Journal of Nutrition and Diet.

There are many theories why the same diet won’t work for everyone who tries it. Some books claim that your blood type is what determines the kinds of foods you should eat. Whether you believe this or not, we can see that many people will have great success with a certain diet, while others will fail miserably. Some people do very well on a vegetarian diet, while others simply feel run down and even get sick. This suggests that you have to pay attention to how various foods make you feel so that you can choose the best type of diet for your own body.

The number of available diet plans means you may have to try a few before finding the right one. Some require a strict diet plan that tells them exactly what to eat, while others like a little more flexibility. You’ll generally do better with a diet plan that doesn’t make you feel deprived, even if you do have to cut back on your calories to some degree.