How to eat out successfully – 7 Killer Tips

As we set a weight lose diet plan for ourselves, we try our best to stick to that target. This target can only be properly maintained when we are in control of what ingredients we add in our meals and breakfast. We have an approximate estimation of how much calories we are taking while cooking and what all high calorie ingredients should be avoided.

However, this target is difficult to maintain when we dine at restaurants with friends or our loved ones. Often we end up taking more calories than our target goal. The reason for this is that we do not know how to choose a healthy meal when are at the restaurant. For most people, they end up feeling very guilty once they leave the restaurant because they realize they have spoiled their diet plan and exceeded their target calorie intake.

Dinning at a restaurant is inevitable sometimes, even when you don’t plan or you restrict yourself mentally that you will not have any outside food, it just happens sometimes. (For a birthday party, anniversary party or someone’s wedding). Hence, it is very important for you to learn to choose the best healthy meal from the menu. If you manage to follow the strategy mentioned below and also on, you can walk out of your restaurant without feeling guilty or altering you weight loss diet plan.

  • If you go for a planned party or if you are aware that you will be attending some function beforehand, then have something healthy at home and go. This may sound a little weird but think about it? Will you be so tempted to have food which look delicious and has high fat? Of course you will be but it can be controlled when you are not so hungry.
  • Some people think ordering salad is very healthy. Yes it is healthy but not when they are filled with sauce, dressings and cheese. To minimize this, request for separate dressings and ketchup. This way you can control how much you add on your salad and how much calorie intake is taken.
  • When ordering fast food which has fries along with it, ask for some substitute like some vegetable or anything healthy. If there is no substitute, have your meal first and leave your fries to have at last. Once you have your meal, you will not be so tempted to have your fries. Fries are very bad for health and they also increase weight. So they should be avoided strictly.
  • It is always preferred to order something which is grilled like grilled chicken since they are healthier than the others.
  • Avoid breadbasket which is mostly offered in most of the restaurant nowadays, they are simply going to fill your stomach while increasing your weight. They are usually high in calories.
  • It is advisable to split the meal if your partner is also on strict weight control program. Most of the restaurants offer meal which is a lot for one person.
  • Avoid desserts. They are very high in calories with high content of sugars. If you are at some birthday party or anniversary party where you cannot avoid, then just have one small bite with no frosting.

It shouldn’t be very difficult to follow these tips if you are fully determined to maintain your weight lose target. However, if you realize that you have chosen the wrong menu, then try to compensate for it during the next few days. Follow the above tips and you will be very comfortable when someone invites you to dine outside.