How to Design a Professional Looking Logo

So you have decided to take on logo designing for your small start-up business or online selling gig. You are saying to yourself “How hard can it be anyway?” You are thinking you will just draw a circle, add a little dash of color, and some cute shapes or cartoon figures and you are set! Well, sorry to burst your bubble, but there’s more to logo designing than you think.

Designer Drawing

Why Your Logo Design Is Important

When customers visit your website, check your brochure, or see an advertisement of your business, one of the very first things they will notice is your logo. So your logo actually creates the first impression of your customers about your company. Therefore, if you present a poorly designed logo, people who see it won’t take your company seriously. Worst of all, they might even think you are not a legitimate business.

So when designing your logo, you have to always try to present your company in a professional way. Also, you must include in the logo design a unique element that will represent the values or identity of your company. Below are some of the tips you can use in designing your logo and make it look as professional at it can be:


Choose the Right Colors for Your Logo

Some people think colors are just superficial aspects of logo design. However, if you ask creative agencies and design companies that do some of the best logo design in Dubai, you will immediately get a different answer.

Colors for your logo will not only highlight your design but also grab the attention of your customers. They bring life to illustrations, shapes, and text and will ultimately build your company identity as the years go by. So when choosing colors for your logo, make sure you think about the effect of the colors when combined on your design and they should evoke the feelings and impressions you want to be associated to your product or services.


Avoid Cliché Logos

Designing cliché logos is almost the same as copying other logos. Although creating cliché logos could help your work become easier, it may also not get you anywhere since your logo won’t stand out among all the other thousands of logos out there.

Some DIY logo designers would rip out different elements from different logos they see, combine these different parts and hope that they will come up with an original design. However, rather than doing this approach, why not try to think deep about the values of your company, what you are selling, and how you want your customers to think about your business and then from these things, come up with a real original design for your logo.


Keep Your Logo Design Simple

Don’t be fooled into thinking that a great logo needs lots of catchy text and loud colors and cool illustrations. Some of the best logos in the world contain only one image and two simple colors. A great example is the Apple logo and Nike logos. So don’t beat up yourself thinking of a hundred elements to include in your logo design. Just keep it simple!

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